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FOREMICA HOME: Seamlessly combining home energy consumption with your own energy production and exchange electricity saves up to 47% on energy bills. Flexible electric car charging avoids the higher electricity transmission fees brought about by increasing the size of the subscription. Read more

FOREMICA EV: flexibility for EV charging. The device that monitors the load on the property’s electrical connection puts the charging points flexible as needed. One device connects 100 charging points. More than 150 compatible charger models from sock plugs to 22 kW type 2 chargers. Parking space at once ready for charging or parking space at a time - according to the needs of your housing association. No billing operator costs. Read more

Foremica- products

Foremica products are divided by application. What the products have in common is that they improve the energy efficiency of the target property and bring savings to customers. The customer can follow the activities through the Foremica APP.

FOREMICA HOME seamlessly combines home appliances into its own energy package. SAVE up to -47% on energy costs (in 2020)

Benefits of merging:

  • Capturing solar electricity for own use or selling production to the national grid at a high price
  • Utilization of the price of stock exchange electricity with load control
  • Water accumulators acting as batteries
  • Flexible charging of an electric car
  • Smaller electricity bills using the current fuse size
  • Heat pump control
  • Optional connection of whirlpools
  • You can track activities through the Foremica Application

Send us a mail and we will look for the nearest dealer in your area


Foremica EV makes the EV chargers more flexible if other loads on the property require it. Foremica EV provides consumption data, for example, for billing to the housing company's property manager.

Foremica EV:

  • The need for flexible charging and safe conditions identified by E-Kartoitus
  • Compatible chargers for approx. 150 different models: from 1.8 kW charging / heating poles to 22 kW Type 2 models
    The condominium has the necessary equipment, not forced to invest everything at once. Chargers can be added to the Foremica EV when the need arises.

SAVINGS: avoid unnecessary renovations and utilize the current fuse size. Acquire charging points according to the needs and use of the housing association. No billing operator required.

Foremica APP

The Foremica APP is an application that allows you to monitor your own Foremica system from anywhere. The Foremica APP is available from the Google Play Store. In addition to viewing the data, you can download the data for the period you want for other uses.

Foremica APP shows *

  • Energy price information
  • Weather forecast and yield forecast for your own solar power plant
  • Yield figures for own energy production
  • Consumption data
  • Electrical connection information
  • Flexible electric car charging point information
  • Battery capacity information
  • Condition measurements

*) The information displayed depends on the Foremica product and its associated features

Made in Finland

CE approved device.

Two models:

  • Foremica 2 for industrial and outdoor use.
  • Foremica 3 model to be installed inside the electrical control panel (pictured)


Plug & Play installation

Requires installation by an authorized Foremica installer.


Foremica is a versatile, Fingrid-approved energy management system that offers an all-in-one solution to the diverse requirements of the market. The Foremica business is part of Huippuenergia, a subsidiary of Etelä-Savon Energia (ESE). The first version of Foremica was released in 2018 and market expansion began in 2020. Potential Foremica customers include households, housing associations, power plants, solar power plants, real estate companies and electric vehicle owners. Foremica is ready for the rapidly changing field of activity in the energy sector.

We are currently exploring the possibility of expanding our ownership base. If you are interested, please contact Juha Pölönen,  CEO, tel. +358 447353718, e-mail


E-Kartoitus is a condition and capacity survey of the car park, which tells you the current readiness to charge an electric car and whether flexible charging stations can be added with the Foremica EV product. You can find the E-Kartoitus price list, mapping locations, partner companies and order form here:

We are looking for partners

We are constantly looking for more partners:

E-Kartoitus partners

and / or resellers and installation partners of Foremica products

If you are a reliable, service-minded and active electrical contractor or specialist company in your area, please contact us. The most important thing for us is always a satisfied customer, so we expect the same attitude from our partner.

Why Foremica?

As we thought about the name for our energy management system several years ago, we sat together at the largest table in our office. We wondered which word or name would best describe the device in front of us and its features: forecasting, regulation, efficiency, use of renewable energy, automatic grip of the system and Finnishness. One sitting at the table began to think about the ants. They are hardworking. Their behavior was predicted before the old weather. They work seamlessly and in unison for the common good. Formica aquilonia! The ant! That's our device! A modest and hardworking driller from Finland. Not the myrmica ant with its acids, but Formica. Fore also refers to divination. One E between Formica to represent our parent company and Foremica was born.

Foremica’s journey is beginning, but so far it can already be found in many different destinations where it carries out its energy-related work.

Mäkelänkangas 2016: Finland's first hybrid power plant, whose solar power plant is monitored and production forecasted by Foremica Solar.

Sun Mikkeli 2017: Finland's most modern and versatile solar power plant at the time of construction.

The first Foremica Flex project in 2018: the combination of solar power, batteries, electric car charging in an office building.

Foremica Solar: Turku Energia / Meyer Monitoring of the Turku shipyard solar power plant 2019.

Foremica Solar: International Airport Solar Power Plant 2019.

Year 2020: Differentiation of products into Home, EV, Solar and Flex products by customer and target groups. The Foremica District Product for forecasting district heating production was also created. Projects e.g. to improve energy efficiency in agriculture.

Year 2021: Foremica as part of Franklin Oy's Bwise entity.

Hard-working ants all over Finland: The dealer network is expanding. The heaps create a network and we are ready for an energy revolution.


Toni Hannula


Tel. +358 44 735 3770

Foremica  Flex

Energy market services

Juha Pölönen


Tel. +358 44 735 3718

Foremica Home

Resellers and partners

Mari Harlin


Tel. +358 44 735 3752

Foremica EV