A truly intelligent energy management system


  1. Forecasts the amount of self-production (e.g. solar energy) and the price of electricity within the next 48 hours and creates the most cost effective energy consumption plan for the user automaticly.
  2. Energy consumption consists of either self-produced solar energy or stock market electricity according to the situation
  3. Balances the electric grid by timing consumption to avoid overloading by turning off non-critical loads, which allows increasing electricity consumption in the property without the need to increase fuse size
  4. Stores the excess solar energy, which would otherwise be sold to the grid into water boilers or electric cars to improve the profitable use of self-produced solar energy.

There are already enough thermostats in the world. Foremica manages energy consumption cost effectively with artificial intelligence.

Foremica models: 

Foremica 2 (industrial version)

Prices from 1195,00 € (VAT inc. 24 %)

Suitable for outdoor use in power plants

  • Price optimization
  • Load control
  • Production tracking, including automatic alarms
  • Electrical interface measuring


  • An info screen interface for visualization of renewable energy production
  • CCTV
  • Demand response and reserve market readiness


Plug & Play-installation


Foremica 3 

Prices will be fixed during autumn 2020.

Can be located inside the main power switchboard.

Contains the same features as Foremica 2, but also FFR.

Protect your energy investment with Foremica

Whether it is solar or wind power, the profitability of an energy investment starts with reliable system components and partners.

When the power plant is operating, it is important to know if the production matches the manufacturers performance warranty. Foremica is very suitable solution for monitoring solar and wind power plants:

  •  After Foremica is installed to a solar power plant, it produces real time data about the performance of each inverter string. The overall production can be viewed via a web UI or from an info screen.
  • Power plants monitored by Foremica receive a monthly report of the power plants performance. The monthly report is visual and easy to understand and it presents the power plants actual production compared with theoretical production adjusted with environmental parameters.

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NEW: Foremica products

Foremica HOME

Automizing household infrastructure


– Cost-efficient plug and play installing

– Enable fast EV charging with existing electric cables and fuse size

– Optimize your energy consumption by participating in energy trading market

– Increase the profitability of your PV system



  • Grid balancing and peak shaving
  • Energy Price optimization
  • Grid fee optimization
  • Cashflow calculation


  • Number of solar inverters: 1
  • Production estimation 48 h


  • EV chargers: 2 pcs
  • Heat pumps OR water boiler + Direct heaters
  • Energy storages: 1


Foremica EV

Charge EVs fast with existing infrastructure


-Maximum utilization of existing infrastructure for EV charging

-Prolongs the life cycle of current electric infrastructure

-Grid monitoring to avoid overloading

-Even charging distribution between vehicles that adapts to the available grid capacity



  • Grid balancing and peak shaving
  • Grid fee optimization
  • Performance monitoring and alarms


  • EV chargers: 100

Foremica Flex

Connecting appliances to create energy management entities


-Lower average energy buying price

-Possibility to add more EV-chargers with the existing infrastructure

-Lower energy consumption

-Allows savings up to 40% in yearly energy costs

-Lower grid fees

-Automated optimization of energy usage

-Water boilers

-EV charging

-Mass storage heaters

-Battery charging



  • Grid balancing and peak shaving
  • Energy Price optimization
  • Grid fee optimization
  • Cashflow calculation


  • Panel string monitoring (with Sungrow inverters)
  • Panel performance analytics
  • Number of solar inverters: Up to 12


  • Consumption estimation
  • Heat pumps, water boilers, direct heaters:   10
  • Energy storages:   3

Foremica Solar

Maximize the profitability of your PV investment


-Cost efficient service and possibility for 24/7 live monitoring

-Foremica Sight provides the customer with detailed but easy to understand visual performance reports

-Free from the internet connection ensures safe and reliable data transferring

-Automated alarms allows fast reaction to system failures

-Automated visual monthly reports of power plants and its components performance and production



  • E-mail alarms
  • WEB-UI
  • Monthly reports
  • Panel string monitoring (with Sungrow inverters
  • Panel performance analytics
  • Voltage control
  • Number of solar inverters: Up to 12

PV systems with Foremica

  • Consumers and private properties
  • Farms
  • Large real estates
  • Power plants

We provide PV systems that are tested for harsh conditions and which follow all industry standards.  Our PV systems are installed by sertified mechanics from ESE-Tekniikka Oy. Our mounting systems are made in Finland and they are built using finnish steel. We offer TIER-1 solar panels and monitor their performance so that they are sure to fulfill their performance warranty.

All our PV systems are compatible with Foremica energy management.


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